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Sensory Integration

Some Signs of Dysfunction of Sensory Integration

  • Space Visualization
  • Design Copying
  • Postural Praxis
  • Motor Accuracy
  • Kinesthesia
  • Graphesthesia
  • Sequencing Praxis
  • Oral Praxis
  • Postrotary Nystagmu
  • Figure-Ground Perception
  • Standing and Walking Balance
  • Bilateral Motor Coordination
  • Manual Form Perception
  • Finger Identification
  • Localization of Tactile Stimuli
  • Praxis on Verbal Command
  • Constructional Praxis

Information is also available on the Sensory Integration Page
Norms are provided for each test based on a national sample of more than 2,000 children between the ages of 4 years and 8 years, 11 months

Why should my child be tested using the SIPT?

The SIPT test is a helpful assessment in providing standardized scores which may be necessary to prove to insurance companies or school districts the need to provide occupational therapy services. In addition, the SIPT will very specifically delineate processing challenges which may be contributing to difficulties in learning or behavior.

Minnesota Handwriting Assessment :

Poor handwriting is often one reason for children being referred for an occupational therapy evaluation. The Minnesota Handwriting Assessment (MHA) is a tool for quantifying manuscript handwriting performance. The assessment provides normative information of first and second grade students. The test takes 2.5 minutes to administer the rate score and more time is given to produce a complete sample for scoring the five quality categories (legibility, form, alignment, size, and spacing). Both manuscript and D'Nealian handwriting styles can be assessed. This test is good for supporting school occupational therapists' approach and focus as well as to determine the specific area in which the child is having difficulty. We often administer this test prior to participation in a “Handwriting Intensive” and following the intense intervention to document improved performance.